Green solutions

At Simon Giguère, we care about the environment and we know that saving energy is important. This is why, in the past few years, we've expanded our product line to include a wide range of the latest in 'green' fuels and lubricants.

Green equipment

We have a full series of high-­performance equipment that can save you money while helping our environment.

Condensing furnaces

Condensing furnaces convert water vapour recovered from combustion gas into energy. This feature means not just big fuel savings, but less carbon dioxide and nitrogen released into the atmosphere.

Some also come with a smart precision heating control system.

Double-walled tanks

The interior of these double-­walled tanks is made of high-­density, leak-­ and corrosion-­ proof polyethylene, while the exterior is made of seamless, weld-­free galvanized steel. For your peace of mind, these tanks are equipped with a leak detector to prevent spills and soil contamination.

Programmable digital thermostats

Our programmable digital thermostats have a timer that automatically sets the temperature of your home or business at night and during your absence. On average, each reduction in temperature of 1 or 2 degrees cuts heating costs about 2%. And, unlike traditional mechanical thermostats, they are extremely accurate.

Energy savers

Our high-­performance energy savers are an easy way to cut heating costs by 10 to 20%. They are equipped with a microprocessor that constantly analyses demand and dynamically modifies your system's cycle to optimize its efficiency.

Contact us to talk with one of our 'green' product advisors.

Going Green

Simon Giguère and our partners are committed to going green, and have adopted a number of business protocols aimed at reducing our ecological footprint. We implement various energy-saving programs in both our buildings and our vehicle fleets. We also use environmentally-­friendly products and encourage the safe dematerialization of documents to minimize paper use.

All our customers have the option of receiving and paying their invoices online and can also access many other useful documents online.

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